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Footwear focused on comfort

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At Havvar, we take care of the little details.

At HAVVAR we are committed to comfort. When we create a new model we focus on the choice of lasts that allow us to make a shoe that best suits most of the curves of our feet and of course, another important part is the pattern, we study each position of the seams.


Why is the position of the seams so important?


Creating a new model we take into account the people who may have some defect in the feet pj. people with an enlarged joint of the base of the big toe called "Bunion". People with bunions have difficulties in finding shoes that are stylish, comfortable and allow more time to hold on with heels, but if we take into account some key points when choosing the shoe, we can get that foot pain will come later and so we can enjoy more time with the same shoes placed on our feet.


The key points


One of these key points is the position of the seam. The seam should not pass just by the enlargement of the joint, especially in the case of a shoe. In HAVVAR we take great care of this detail, we mark the cut a little more closed just in the articulation area.


The blue arrows that are marked in the photo mark the area that we must have covered, the seam should not go through the area of ​​articulation.


The black arrows mark the area of ​​cuts where the seams should not pass if we want to avoid the annoying

Flat or heeled sandals are best to choose those that are wide strips or a strip that covers the entire "Bunion" to prevent the strips tighten the joint part each separately. If the strip is wide and covers the entire joint, the pain will be less.

Very important is also the height of heel, while the shoe forces our foot to be more "on the point" faster the pain and desire to remove these shoes that we like so much.


In HAVVAR we want to reach the taste of all clients with the models we create, but we know that without trying to fit the shoe it is difficult to know if the key points that I have mentioned adapt to your feet. To solve your doubts and help you choose the model that best suits your feet we encourage you to write us

 We will be happy to assist you!


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