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The user also commits himself to use the contents of diligent, correct and licit form, in particular, commits himself abstain of (a) to use the Contents, with ends or effects opposite to the law, to the morality and to the generally recognized good customs or to the public order; (b) to reproduce or to copy, to distribute, to allow the access of the public across any form of public communication, to transform or to modify the Contents, unless one is provided with the authorization of the holder of the right correspondents or it turns out to be legally afford; (c) to suppress, to avoid or to manipulate the "copyright" and  other identity information.

It remains prohibited to realize without the due authorization any type of publicity or commercial information straight or of concealed form the mailing of massive e-mails ("spaming).

The same way, it remains prohibited to realize actions that they could produce in the Web place or across the same one for any way, any type of damage to the systems of THE COMPANY or to third.

Any linkage that is carried out by the contents, will need the previous conformity to the company and will have to allow, by means of the opportune visualization, the identification of its origin. The use of this information in other Internet places will need express authorization.

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THE COMPANY does not do responsibly for the direct or indirect dammages, included dammages to computer systems and introduction of existing viruses in the network, derivatives of the navigation for Internet necessary for the use of this Web place.

THE COMPANY promises across this way NOT TO REALIZE DECEITFUL PUBLICITY. To these effects, therefore, there will not be considered to be a deceitful publicity the formal or numerical errors that could be along the content of the different sections of the Web , they produced as a result of a maintenance and/or incomplete or defective update of the suppressed information is these sections. HAVVAR as a result of the arranged in this paragraph, promises to correct it as soon as it has knowledge of the above mentioned errors.


THE COMPANY does not become responsible for the nonperformance of any applicable norm in which the User could incur its access to the present Web place and/or the use of the informations contained in the same one.

THE COMPANY will not be responsible for the produced dammages or that could take place, anyone that is its nature, which they stem of the use of the information, of the matters contained in this Web site and of the programs that it incorporates. The linkage (Links) and hypertext that they make possible, across the Web place of the company, to gain access to the User to services and services offered for third, neither belong nor are under the control of name of the company; the above mentioned entity does not become a person in charge not of the information contained in the same ones not of any effects that could stem from the above mentioned information.

Finally, the User is the only person in charge of the use that it realizes of the services, contents, linkage (links) and hypertext included in the Web place of THE COMPANY.