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The passion for fashion, design, quality and the illusion of turning dreams into reality were my motivation to create the brand HAVVAR.

But what does HAVVARmean?; HAVVAR It is much more than a brand name.

The meaning of my name “Ewa – Eva – Eve” it is "She who gives life", is a name of Hebrew origin that comes from the word "Havva" which means "life", and that is just what is reflected in my designs.

With the right choice of materials (lasts, skins, fabrics…) and taking care of all the details, I believe in HAVVAR designs full of life but functional and comfortable. Conceived for the day to day, as well as for special events and with the idea that they will last over time despite the changes in fashion.

As a final brushstroke, I add the first letter of my last name, giving more "life" and personality to HAVVAR. 

And do not forget, that our way of dressing, speaks of us.

Ewa Rynkowska

Ewa Rynkowska

Designer of HAVVAR

"Believe in yourself, fight for what you love and you will be able to make your dreams come true."

Contac Havvar

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